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MineBlast – a new cryptocurrency mine from Alternet!

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I present MineBlastwww.mineblast.online – a cryptocurrency mine from Alternet. Check it out!

Location of the mine: Iceland
Owner: Alternet LLC
Length of contract: 720 days
Referral program: 9% / 5% / 1% / 1% / 1%
Payments: daily, manual
Registration button –  MineBlast

MineBlast is a project with very good mining plans. We have available at very attractive prices. Brokerage packs are also available That generate up to 1.5% profit per day. A few words about projections and why it is worth attention:MineBlast is a project from the Alternet company, the owner of the social networking site Alternet and the AdBlast platforms – After completing the mining center, you can not be able to get the most out of the mine – Currencies that we can extract: Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin and Dash – The real estate profits and billing Attractive mining packages

(MinePack), which we create for each cryptocurrency separately
– Brokerage packages (BrokerPack), giving up to 1.5% profit per day !
– The mine is a program for AdBlast advertising platform. What does it mean? If we already have an account in Alternet, we log into the mine with the same data. In addition, we have already received referrals are already with us in the team. In addition, the purchased higher account commission status is also connected. This means that you have an upgrade on MineBlast, we also have an upgrade on AdBlast and vice versa.
– Twin platform navigation to AdBlast
– Helpful, communicative support
– The company is active in social media

Cryptocurrency extraction by purchasing mining packages. Packages for BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH are available. The mining packages work 720 days. We set the price of the mining package ourselves. MinePack, it will have more favorable mining conditions.At the end, in the mining Determine how many packages do you want to buy? Here is the smallest and mining pool.

After purchasing a minimum of one mining package, we also have the option of buying brokerage packs (BrokerPack). By purchasing MineBlast brokerage packages, it starts generating profits from bots and scripts. Controlled by experienced brokers (information from the website).
Profit from brokerage packs is counted up to 180 days and reaches up to 1.5% per day.

The official website of MineBlast –  MineBlast

MineBlast – a new cryptocurrency mine from Alternet!
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